Winter Inertia

We know that winter is the best time to get to those projects that we don’t want to ‘waste’ a sunny day on when the weather is warmer and invites us outside.

Yet, when it’s cold outside we’d just as soon cozy up and not do those things we swore we’d do during the cold months.

I’m all for ignoring what we think we ‘should’ do if there are no major financial or health repercussions. Try that on.  What’s it feel like?

If it feels OK then that’s your decision.

If it feels worse, then that just might be enough motivation to start or finish the project you put off until now.

If you’re committed to a project that you’re having a hard time getting to, realize that most of the time the hardest part is just getting started. And most of the time the biggest thing in the way of getting started is the TV or the computer.

So turn off the computer and the TV and get started. You just might finish before the warm weather comes.



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