Signed away privacy!!

I received another privacy statement from Citibank credit services about my Sears credit card.  It described how they’ll share my information and the very few options I have for limiting that sharing.

Citibank credit cardWhat confused me initially was I thought I’d closed the account years ago, so why were they sending me this notice?

Then I read, and remembered, the fine print: “….When you are no longer our customer, we continue to share your information as described in this notice.” 

That’s it. No end in sight.

Sure wasn’t worth the 10% I saved off a holiday gift that year when I signed away my rights to end my ‘relationship’ with Citibank.

Most of us have at least 2 credit cards; many people have 5 or more. The more cards you have, the more bookkeeping havoc you have, the more time and energy you spend trying to figure out how to redeem ‘rewards’ and how the bills got so high, and the more information about you and your habits you give away.

Is it worth it? Really?




2 Responses to “Signed away privacy!!”

  1. Ruth Heil Says:

    Yikes. It’s painful and annoying, but I make it a habit to take advantage of any option to “opt out” when/if given on those boring little Privacy Notice papers. But, as you wrote, that wouldn’t have helped here. Too many credit cards are not just bad for your sanity, privacy, budget, and energy, they are a detriment to your credit score. Creditors have seen a pattern between the folks who have many store-specific cards and the folks who go bankrupt, so whether you pay all your bills or not, they’ll ding for this. So yes, it truly is NOT worth the 10%. Great post!


  2. Dawn Slade Says:

    I did not know about the endless privacy sharing. Thank you for the reminder that more of anything, means more time investment. “More” is not inherently a bad thing but looking at “more” with an eye to time consequences (and in this case privacy consequences) helps us decide if the more (or less) is worth it. A “deal” is not always a “deal”.


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