Beer in your phone?

Victory BeersBuy milk, pick up the framed picture, drop off the used ink cartridges. What was that book I wanted to read? Where should I go this weekend? Oh, and I want to buy more of that tasty Victory beer!  And Russian River Pliny the Elder.

What’s your method for tracking bits of information?

Most people jot it on post its or paper at home and then when they’re out, they forget what was on the list.  Or the lists have lists and the post its have post its. Or the info is buried in the texts and emails ‘sent to self’.

Use the notes function in your phone instead. Or get an app. iPhone’s Siri will  add to your notes on the go for those random thoughts that pop up when you can’t type them in.

Categorize your notes by context: Groceries, General Shopping, Reading List, Movies, Errands, Window Measurements, I Have a Day Off!, Buy Beers, or whatever will jog your memory. Usually the best title is the one you say under your breath when trying to find it.

Speaking of jogging your memory, even if you initially forget to look at your phone for your list, you will train your brain pretty quickly and learn to associate store with phone.  Think of the money you’ll save in post its, not to mention the tasty beers and movies you’ll enjoy.





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