Where should I store my ….

stocks of stuff like the 50 roll pack of toilet paper, the 2 pound container of ground cloves, and the 12 quart bargain pack of strawberry jelly?

At the STORE! That’s why they call it that!

You’re only saving money if you’re sure you’ll use it up within the ‘freshness’ dates.

Feeding one’s anxiety about running out of stuff by overstocking is only practical if you have room to be organized and uncluttered about it. Otherwise recognize it for what it is: anxiety about potential deprivation.

Anxiety is rarely quelled for any beneficial length of time by shopping or any other consumer solution.

Far better to be realistic about what you can feasibly store, why you’re buying and learn to leave most of it at Costco.


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One Response to “Where should I store my ….”

  1. Ruth Heil Says:

    It’s great to be able to put a name on why we do this. I also think some people get caught up in the “save more when you buy more” advertising message. As you said here about the freshness date, the real, (lower?) price per unit must take into account that which you wind up throwing away.


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