What? The parking garage can’t be closed; our car is in there!

After a long Saturday of being tourists, we returned to the Washington DC garage around 6:30 and found the entrance barricaded with a steel door.  Each of the four of us reacted differently about what to do next.

One began to fret about where would we sleep, how will we get home?

Another reviewed how we had missed the sign that said the garage hours were 6 am to 6 pm.

The third looked for phone numbers of local friends that could possibly help us out.

The last dialed the after-hours phone number listed on the garage signs.

The Indian-accented man who answered the phone repeated one reply to our multiple questions about how to get the car out of hock.

“You should have read the signs!” (Despite what he was saying we enjoyed the lilt of his accent.)

Yes, yes, yes. We should have read the signs and yes, yes, yes, yes, you’re right, the hours are posted right there in small print above the driver’s line of sight. But how can we get the car before Monday morning?

Finally he offered that someone would come.

“Someone,” a cheerful patient man, arrived and laughingly acknowledged that this happens all the time and they really should make the sign bigger.

What I found so intriguing is how this highlighted problem solving differences, just like the burning television did many years ago on a Christmas day with another group: one person  opened the window to throw it outside, one called the fire department, and one pulled the plug.

We can review, we can worry, we can call for assistance, we can take action.

What’s your M. O.?



One Response to “Reactions”

  1. Lori Blatt Says:

    Leslie, great observation. My MO would be to call the number from a warn restaurant or hotel. I’ve also experienced the oddities of DC parking, including the shut down over the weekend as well asthe height limitations in most garages that will not accommodate large SUVs and trucks.


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