A Pox on BB&B coupons!

As I understand it, Bed Bath & Beyond’s familiar blue coupons never expire, despite the printed expiration date. So what’s the big deal about that?  Well, they’re piling up in cars and on shelves everywhere. They’re kind of like your deceased Grandma’s gold teeth: worth money at some point but hard to part with to get the value.

   Why is it hard to part with them?

Could it be because it’s less about what they’re worth than what they represent?

There are products in the store that are just waiting to give you a bold 20%  off  the big  blue  BEYOND!

That big blue coupon, half the size of a diploma, will enable you to get that  the thing that will improve your decor, improve your life, improve how people regard you, you know, the place you aspire to that’s BEYOND what you have now.  And at a discount too!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with changing surroundings, aspirations or wanting to be well regarded. And in fact I admire the unique marketing idea the coupons represent because no one else’s coupons are hoarded like Bed Bath & Beyond’s.

But then again, every coupon in the stack also represents something not purchased.


2 Responses to “A Pox on BB&B coupons!”

  1. Dawn Says:

    That stack of 20% coupons can also represent money in the bank (or your wallet) since it means you didn’t spend 80% on something you didn’t really need just to feel like you saved 20%!


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